WordPress QuestionSo you are thinking about starting a blog and you are wondering if you should use WordPress?  I can give you a very definitive answer here, YES!  WordPress combines and easy to use platform with user friendly plug ins to help you do most of the technical stuff.   For the average person, WordPress is the perfect platform for getting your blog off the ground.  I always tell people if you know how to send an email, attach a picture or file to it and change the color of the font in your email then you have what it takes to start your own WordPress blog. A lot of the buttons that you use to customize your blog posts are very similar to the buttons you find in most email programs.  This is what makes getting started simple.

Here are some reasons why you should make WordPress your choice.

WordPress is Free– WordPress is an open source project which means that developers from all over the world are always working on WordPress to make it the best platform available.

WordPress is updated on a regular basis– WordPress is constantly adding updates and stays on top of security threats so your can feel safe your site is secure.

Google loves WordPress– The pinging feature of WordpPress notifies search engines when you have new content on your sight.  It is easy for search engines to read and very “web crawler” friendly.

WordPress support– You will be able to find help and tutorials on WordPress here on this blog but you will also be able to find a ton of “how to’s” for just about any question you might have regarding WordPress.

WordPress plug ins galore– What ever it is you are trying to accomplish I am sure there is a plug in for it.  Want to add a form, there is a plug in, want to capture cell phone numbers so you can text all of your readers?, there is a plug in for that too.  If you can think of it I am pretty sure there is a plug in for it.

Versatile– WordPress is very versatile.  You can use it as a blog, as a static web site or any combination of the two.  Forget buying web site builders, just use WordPress. Your options are more than you will ever need.

Themes galore– A theme is what give the general look of your site/blog.  There are thousands you can get for free if you want to change your look and there are a ton of themes you can purchase as well.

Search engine optimization is a cinch– With all in one seo and Google XML sitemaps your SEO chores will be minimal.  These 2 plug ins are a must on any WordPress site.  These are loaded on every site we install.

WordPress is simple– Did I mention WordPress is easy to use.  Once you make a few posts you will have a good feel for where everything is.

It’s FREE– Oh yeah, did I mention WordPress is FREE?

Set up your WordPress blog today!


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