WordPress BlogSo you want to start a blog and you heard WordPress was the way to go.  Well you are about 75% correct.  WordPress is the best way to go but to really get all the benefits WordPress has to offer you really need to host it yourself with your own hosting account and your own domain name.  What this means is you will own your blog and your space and if you ever want to sell it you can.  Or you will be able to write whatever you want and should not have to worry about getting your account deleted.  Also, you will have a much more professional looking domain name.  When you host WordPress yourself it will look like this, www.yourdomain.com when you host on WordPress it will look like yourdomain.wordpress.com.  I am sure you can see the benefit here to hosting yourself.  If you have no idea what this means don’t worry because here at startablof101.com we will set up your WordPress blog for free, that way you can concentrate on writing great content and let us do the technical stuff.  Hosting is so cheap now days that I really believe everyone should take advantage.  It is only $5-8 bucks a month for unlimited domains.

But once again, just like with starting a free Blogger account, if you want to throw caution to the wind then here is how you set up a free WordPress account.

Step 1: Go to WordPress.com and click on the button that says sign up now.

Start a Free WordPress Blog

Step 2: Once you do this you will be taken to a screen that will let you create a free WordPress account.  If you are going to let WordPress host your blog just be sure to check the circle at the bottom that says “Gimmie a blog”.

WordPress Log In ScreenStep 3: Then just choose your user name and password and put in your email address and hit next.

Step 4: On this page you will choose your domain name, blog title and the language of your blog. Be sure to choose your domain name wisely at this point since it can not be changed later.  Your blog title can be changed later but not the domain name ie yourname.wordpress.com. Also be sure to check that you would like your blog to appear in the search engines. (We don’t want to keep it a secret)

Step 5: Congratulations, your account is active. Look for an email from WordPress confirming your new account and log in information. Then click the activation link and you are all set.

Step 6: Go to WordPress.com and enter your user name and password in the top left. Once you log in you will be taken to your dashboard where you can add pages, posts and change your theme.

Step 7: Take some time to navigate through your new dashboard so you can become familiar with WordPress and all the features it has to offer.

Step 8: Check out the widgets so you can use to customize your blog.  They are as easy as drag and drop.

Step 9: Write your first original post and push the publish button.  Congratulations you are now a WordPress blog owner/author.

Once again, if you just want to get your feet wet with blogging this is an ok way to go but I do highly advise you to host your own blog on your own hosting space. Remember, it only takes 5 minutes and everything you need is right here.


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