Blogger Blog So you are thinking about getting your feet we with a blog from Google’s Blogger.  Well I am going to show you how to set it up but I am also going to tell you that if you are going to take your blogging seriously then you really need to get your WordPress blog set up for free.  You will pay a few buck a month to host it but in the long run you will really benefit with WordPress vs Blogger(Blogspot). Remember, at blogger, you do not own your space, Google does and if they ever want to shut you down or stop offering blog space for free then you are going to be crying the blues because of all the work you put it. Trust me on this one, I learned the hard way. I started with blogger and then switched to WordPress and I am very glad I did.  You can check out why use WordPress for your blog to get more details on WordPress.

But if you decide to throw caution to the wind then here is how to start a free blog on Google Blogger.

Step 1: As with any blog you will need to decide on your subject matter, something that you are knowledgeable about or something that you are hopefully passionate about.  This will help you with step 2.

Step 2: Choose a name for your blog. If you host it at Blogger it will look something like this vs hosting a WordPress blog on your own hosting account then you can have it look like this  Which one looks more professional to you?

Step 3: Go to and click the orange create a blog button.

Create a blogger blog

Step 4: If you do not already have one you will have to create a Google account.  Fill out all of you information and then click continue in the bottom right of the page.

Blogger Continue

Step 5: Name your Blogger blog. Your title will show up on top of your blog where it will be seen by all so choose carefully.  There will be a tool on this page that will let you check the availability of the name you have chose.  If it is taken then just choose again until you find something you like and if not taken.

Step 6: Choose you template and start blogging.  Blogger will give you the option to choose your own domain name which  you would have to buy separately and I guess if you are going to let Blogger host your blog then I would do this so you can get rid of the blogspot domain. If you need a domain name you can get it at Go Daddy $7.49* .com Sale!.  You can also host blogger on your own hosting account but if you were going to do this then you should definitely let us set up a free WordPress blog for you.

Once you are logged in click o the layouts tab and arrange your gadgets.  These are how you will be able to add different things, adsense, banners, boxes, html etc to your blog side bar.


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