How to Start a blogSo you are wondering how to start a blog? I can tell you this, starting a blog is the easy part, setting it up is the easy part and even designing a blog is the easy part.  The hard part is providing great original content that will be useful to your readers.  You want your readers to come back often and you want your readers to learn something, be inspired, laugh or in some way gain something from your blog.  If you can do this on a consistent basis the you will have a successful blog.  The good news is you can set up your blog in 5 minutes. Just go here to get started.

You might be thinking that you can get a free blog at blogger, Live Journal,, Type Pad or any of the other free blogging services out there.  You are right, a blog is free at these places but remember one thing, you do not own your blog.  It is hosted on their servers and if they ever want to shut you down or if they go out a business guess what happens to your blog that you just spent years working on? Bye Bye blog.  That’s right, all your hard work will be gone.  Even if you have a back up of your blog you are still most likely going to lose the traffic if something like that were to happen.  The solution is to host your own blog.  It is only $6-8 bucks a month depending on what hosting company you choose.  This charge is an investment in your blog and yourself and will give you all the freedom you need now and in the future so you can do what ever you want with your blog.  Imagine if you ever wanted to sell your blog?  It’s not going to happen with a free blog.  Nobody is going to buy something they don’t really own.  On the flip side, it is fairly easy to sell a well established blog.

So do yourself a favor and don’t waste you time or energy with a free blog.  You will be thankful a year from now that you didn’t.

So take the next step now, get your hosting and set up that blog.


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