hot to choose a topic for your blogHow to choose a topic for your blog?  If you are asking this question then you are off to a good start because this is one of the most important things one should consider when starting a blog.  Finding a great topic is not as easy as one might think but if you take the time to look deep inside yourself I am sure you will come up with a great topic. So grab yourself a pen and paper and start brainstorming.

Start asking yourself some questions:

What are you passionate about?

Do you have a hobby you love? (i.e. traveling,fitness,coin collecting , wood working, film, sports, music- you get the idea)

Do you have an expertise? (i.e. plumber, carpenter, mechanic, make up artist)

Your blog has to be about something you enjoy and can have fun with but at the same time your readers need to have fun and learn something at the same time as well.  You need to enjoy your blog so you come back and keep adding new content.  Your readers need to enjoy your blog so they come back and keep reading it.  Blogging is not a sprint it is a marathon so don’t think you will have thousands of visitors in just a few short weeks.  It could take up to a year or more of writing valuable content before you start receiving a good number of visitors.  So make sure your topic is going to keep you excited.  If you feel you won’t be able to write about it for 12 straight months then you probably have the wrong topic.

After you have chosen your niche topic for your blog here are a few more questions you need to ask to make sure your blog is successful:

Will you be able to produce plenty of content?

Make sure you have plenty of things to write about.  You don’t want to get writers block after only 3 weeks and find yourself not having anything interesting to write about.

If your topic being searched for or in demand?

You could have the best blog in the world with the best content but if it is on a topic that no one is searching for then you are going to crash and burn.  One could place to check to see if you have an interesting topic is to go to and see what kinds of books are written on your subject.  If there is a “dummies” on your subject then you are most likely heading in the right direction.

Is the topic you chose in a very competitive market?

You really don’t want to be competing against a ton of competition if you don’t have to so do a Google search on your topic and see what’s out there.  Even if there are a lot of blogs on the subject that does not necessarily mean that it is too competitive.  They might not be doing it as well as your are going to be so you might be able to pass them up in the search rankings.

For fun, passion or profit?

I really feel any blog can be monetized but some will have better potential based on the subject matter.  If you are blogging for profit then this is something to take into consideration. Even if you want to make money, you still have to make sure you really enjoy your topic.  If you don’t it will show through in your writing.

Can you break your subject down into an even smaller niche?

Highly targeted blogs tend to be very successful if you are provider the reader with good content.  For example, don’t just blog about cars, blog about Mustangs or Corvettes.  You could even go a step further and blog about convertible Corvettes or 1960’s convertible Corvettes.  You get the picture here.


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