Choose a Domain Name for Your BlogChoosing a domain name for your blog if one of the most important things you will do for your new blog.  You must put some thought and planning into this process to make sure your new domain name covers all the bases.  Don’t just think about the now but also think about the future. Your new domain name is what brands your new blog and will affect how people remember you and your blog.

When the blogs first started becoming popular people always said use the k.i.s.s method(keep it simple stupid) and choose a 1 word domain name like,, etc but those one word names are long gone now and we will have to improvise a little bit.

You will want to make your new domain name..

  • Easy to remember
  • Short
  • On topic
  • Easy to spell (you would be surprised)

You don’t want your new domain name…

  • To have to0 many dashes
  • To have too many numbers
  • Complicated words to spell
  • Too long with too many words

Dashes are OK, numbers are OK but too many dashes and numbers are not OK.  This will lead to too many mistakes when people are trying to type in your address after you told it to them.  A link on a page really doesn’t matter since you are just clicking on it but think of the big picture here.  If I tried to tell someone to go to my site which is start dash a dash blog dash 101 . com, it could start to get confusing.  Two dashes are probably not that bad but that is probably the most I would use if I had to.  When I chose this domain it states what my topic is and I threw in the 101 to make it appear like a college course like painting101. (I’m sure you get the idea) Hence, showing you the beginnings of starting your own blog.

.Com, .Net, .Org…

The experts will tell you that a .com name is best but .net or .org is second best so if you can’t get it in a .com don’t sweat it too much. Personally I always try and find a .com and then you can always buy the other extensions as well to use for something else.  Maybe you want to start a non-profit forum with your site that you could use the .org for etc.  I would stay away from .info sites since I have heard mixed reviews on them and I am really not sure. I have heard that Google views them as spammy sites but there is no real proof of this yet so I would just take caution and skip the .info.

Shorter is better

You can have up to 67 character for your domain name but imagine trying to fit that on a business card.  Try and put a 67 character domain name on a t-shirt.  What about a yellow pages ad? Good luck with that. So try and keep it short, there will be less margin of error when entering the url and it will be a lot easier to remember.

Trademarked Names

Many people often think it is a good idea to include a popular name in their domain name.  Don’t risk it.  You do not want to spend 3 years building your blog that is now getting a ton of traffic only to get a letter from some legal department saying you are being sued for trademark infringement.  Doesn’t matter if you are wrong or right, think of the cost to hire a lawyer to defend the lawsuit.  So forget,, etc. You get the idea.  I know people do this but I wouldn’t risk it on something you are going to be dedicating a lot of time to.


If your domain name can be easily misspelled you might want to consider buying the misspelled domain and forward it to your main domain.  For example someone looking to get to might sometimes type in  They both go to the same place.

Secure your future

Be sure to think about where your blog is going.  If you start out as a blog but want to switch to a regular website will the domain still fit?  Some people use one domain name and then start several blogs in folders or directories of that domain name.  For example, I have my blog and lets say I want to save the money by not buying another domain name.  Let’s just say I wanted to start another blog about cigars and just did in a sub folder of my main blog.  Like this, The new blog would be in the cigar folder.  Believe it or not a lot of people do this.  I’m here to tell you, DON’T!  Number one, these two topics are not even related. Number 2 you do not want to create all kinds of back links to later find out that you really need instead of  You would lose most of your traffic.  I know people do redirects and things like that but if you do it right from the beginning you will not have to worry about switching things later.

Expired or used domain names

Be careful here.  You don’t want to purchase a domain name that has already been banned by Google. This would get you off to a really bad start.

Where to buy your domain name

There are so many place to buy domain names now that it makes my head spin.  Most are resellers for some of the bigger companies but I always say go where you get the best price. I usually use Domain Sale! $7.49* .com at . Reason being is that they have consistently have had the best prices and when it comes time to renew you can always find a promo code so you should always be getting your domain names under $8 bucks.  If you always buy your domain names at GoDaddy you can always point them to whatever hosting account you have. All you have to do is change your domain name servers. (It’s easy, don’t let the name scare you)

Below is a very reputable  hosting company. I always buy my domain names at GoDaddy

Host 6 Domains on 1 Account


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