Changing you domain name server is a lot easier than it sounds.  Don’t let the term scare you. All it takes is a few clicks and the job is complete.  The reason this needs to be do is so your website can be found.  Lets say you purchased a domain name from godaddy and your hosting package is from BlueHost.  This is when changing your name severs comes into play.  You need to point your domain name to BlueHost so you can be found on the web. If you do not do this then your domain name will just be parked and show a page with some ads from  godaddy on it until you make this change.

I am going to show you how to do in through the godaddy control panel but the process will be very similar with any company.

What is a domain name server?

I will try and keep this simple but basically a name server is what converts what we see as to something like 123.45.4232 which is how the computer sees your site and us humans see the fancy

Here is how to change your domain name server! (before doing this be sure your hosting account is already setup)

Go to and log into your account with the user name and password you chose when you opened the account. Then you will see some tabs on the top, just click the one that says my account.

After that you will see this on your screen on the left hand side. Just click on domain manager and then you will see a list of all of the domains you have purchased.

How to Change Your Domain Name Servers

Check the box from this list of the domain you want to change the name servers on.

Change Domain Name Server

Then the nameservers button will become clickable.  Click it.

Change name servers

Then you will see this screen.

GoDaddy name servers

Click the circle that says ” I host my domains with another provider” Then put the new nameservers of your hosting provider in these 2 spots.  I know there is room for 4 put most hosting providers just use 2 and they usually email their nameservers to you when you sign up for their hosting.  Just copy and paste those new name server here, click “ok” and you are all set.

Domain name server ok

You will see this message asking you to wait while the changes take effect. Sometimes the change will take effect in an hour or less but could take up to 48hrs through godaddy.  You will get an email from godaddy confirming your change.

To check and see if the new change had taken effect yet just type your web address into any browser.  If you still see the parked by godaddy page then they are still working on it.  If you have seen no changes afters 48 hrs then contact godaddy support.  Their support team is there 24/7 and can be reached at 480-505-8877.


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