Start a BlogDo you have what it takes to start a blog?  If you are reading this then you have probably been asking yourself that question. I want to tell you emphatically, YES!  If you have something to say then you have what it takes to start a blog.  Do not let the technical details scare you away from getting started in blogging.  The technical stuff has pretty much been eliminated now days and blogging is easier than ever to get started.  Of course if you want us to set it up for you then just get your hosting from one of out partners and we will get you going and all you have to do is start writing.  How much easier can it get?

Don’t be afraid that you don’t know enough.  You will never know enough.  Blogging is just like life.  You will learn something new all the time.  As long as you have good content you will be off to a great start.  Yes, there is a learning curve in the beginning but it’s just like anything else.  Remember when you purchased your last cell phone? Did you know how to work everything as soon as you got it? Of course you didn’t and a new blogging platform is the same way.  Once you get used to it it will be as simple as sending an email.  Heck, if you have the right phone you can even make a blog post from it.

Don’t let someone else steal your dream.  If you want to get started in blogging then do it.  You are not risking very much as hosting is pretty cheap now days.  It’s not like you are starting a franchise with $250k up front.

Perfect timing.  Yeah right!  There is no such thing as perfect timing and your blog is never going to be perfect.  That is what makes this so much fun.  You will look back a year from now and be amazed.

Make it fun.  There is a good chance that if it is fun for you that it is going to be fun for others as well.  So make it fun for yourself and great things will happen.

Just do it!  Stop putting it off and do it today.  Just look up top and click on our free install and you will be up and running very soon.


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