Install WordPress YourselfI am going to show you how to install WordPress right now in a few simple steps.  You can have your WordPress blog up and running in no time.

The very first thing you have to do is get your hosting account.

Step 1: I recommend Bluehost Web Hosting $6.95 Bluehost is very reliable and has 24/7 customer support. You will be able to set up your customized email and host unlimited sites if you want to. If you already have a domain name from godaddy you will have to change your domain name servers to point to bluehost. Watch how to change your domain name servers with godaddy. If you do not have a domain name yet you can get a free one when you sign up with bluehost. (Note that after you change your domain name servers with godaddy it could take up to 24 hrs to take effect)



Step 2: Log in and install WordPress in under 2 minutes.

One of the first things I do after I install WordPress is add some must have plug ins.  Here is a list of ten must have WordPress plugins.