Do I Need a BlogI’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it twice, I’ve heard it a hundred times. Do I need a blog? As time goes by  this question gets easier and easier to answer and that answer is YES!  Blogging lets you do and say things that you might not do or say on a traditional static site.  Businesses are adding a blog section to their sites, teachers and other professionals are now using them and stay at home moms are using them to give other moms tips on  not losing their minds while they stay at home.  The sky is the limit and you can find a blog practically about anything you can think of now days.

If you own a business don’t get caught with your pants down, you need a blog.  Your competitors are already doing it and you should be to. A blog is great for increasing traffic to your main site if you have one.  If you only have a blog site that is OK to because the search engines love dynamic content. A blog lets your potential customers/clients see you in a whole different light.  You can talk about personal things, favorite recipes, what you do in your off time, and of course all about how great your business is.  You can get customer testimonials and publish them on your blog and there really is no limit to what you can do.  A blog also lets you interact with customers/clients through the comment feature a blog usually has.  You will find people asking questions and leaving comments which is great for business.  They will feel like they know you before they even do business with you.  With a blog you will also open up your market to people all over the web.  If  you run a local business you never know when you might get an out of town visitor who decided to stop by because of your blog.  The list goes on and on so if you own a business, get yourself a blog before your competitor beats you to the punch.

Even if you are just a regular Joe and like to write about politics, your hobbies, how much you hate your job or just want to keep extended family up to date with pictures and various ramblings, a blog is for you.  You can easily start a free blog but I always recommend you get your own hosting.  It is only $6-8 bucks a month now days and that is pretty cheap.  I say get your own hosting since that way you will own it and in the future you might want to do something else with it.  Having your blog on your own hosting account keeps your options open.  Let’s say you are blogging about photography for 5 years since that is your favorite past time.  You notice you are getting thousands of visitors a day and maybe some other company notices it to.  Well, they just might want to buy your site from you.  If it is on a free host like blogspot this probably will never happen since they wouldn’t actually own the space.  So start out right and get your own hosting with the domain name you choose.

Remember, don’t just think in the now.  You have to think about where your blog can go in the future.

Of course is setting up your own blog is totally foreign to you we can always set  up your blog for free for you. All you have to do is choose your hosting plan from this site and we will do the rest.

Happy Blogging!


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