What is the best permalink structure for your WordPress blog? Your permalink structure is definitely something you want to change when you get your blog up and running.  By default, WordPress using a lot of numbers, question marks, slashes and dates. This is not good for SEO.  We want your title in your post or page and here is how your do it.

To change this setting simply log in to your WordPress dashboard and click on “Settings” on the left.

WordPress Permalink Settings

The click on permalinks.  On the this page you will check the option “Custom Structure” and in the box provided you will type %postname%. Click “Save Changes” and you will be all set.  Now your url’s will have your title in them and this will be a lot better for search engines and just for people in general.

How to change wordpress permalinks

Now that you have your WordPress permalink structure customized for optimum SEO continue to write posts for your blog on a regular basis.  Don’t forget, content is king and strive to provide value.


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