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Adding a picture to a post or page in WordPress is pretty simple but are you wondering how to add a picture or image to your WordPress sidebar, feature section or footer section?  Don’t worry, it is pretty simple but you will need to copy and paste some simple code.  Adding pictures to your WordPress sidebar is a good way to jazz up your blog and customize it.

Below is the code to use to add your picture.

–If you want your picture to link to another website address use this code here–

<a href=”” target=”_blank”>
<img src=”” width=”150″ height=”100″ border=”1″ alt=”title”</a>

–If you just want to add a picture without linking it to another website then use this code here–

<img src=”” alt=”title” />

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you copy and paste this code and you find the quotes are slanted after you paste it then you will need to back space over each quote” ” ” and re-type the “. (quote)

Be sure to watch the video below so you can see exactly where to place this code.


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Adding an Aweber opt in box to your website or blog is quite simple now days.  There is no need for you to know code or some kind of crazy computer language.  Basically, anybody can do it now.  In the video below I show you how to add a hover box in less than 5 minutes.  Of course if you want to make customizations to your opt in box then it might take you a little longer but for the most part adding an opt in box is quite simple.

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Here are some simple instructions on how to add a video to your WordPress blog.  Video’s are great for some things but don’t go crazy putting videos everywhere on your blog.  Some people like text, some people like pictures and some people will like video.  Use a little bit of everything throughout your blog to get the best results and to try and keep all of your readers happy.  I heard and old saying that “A picture is worth a thousand words” but “A video is worth a thousand pictures”. Just don’t over due and your blog will look great.


title your blogDon’t forget to give your blog a title before you get started blogging.  You would probably be surprised how many people forget to do this very important simple thing.  I have seen people leave the title of their blog as Home, My Blog, My WordPress Blog,, and sometimes it is even left blank.  If you do any of these then you are going to be off to a very bad start.  You also need to put in a tag line which is just a brief description of what your blogging about.

The title is important to your readers as well as the search engines which will help increase your blog traffic.  Think about who you are trying to attract and what keywords you will be using to do that.  Now include them in your title, tag line and description.

There are two places you will need to add your title and description. One is from your user dashboard and the other is inside of the All in One SEO Pack plug in, which you have if we set up your blog for you.  If you do not have this plug in then go and install in now since it is one of the most important plug ins you will need.

Now to change your title in your WordPress dashboard just look over on the left where it says settings and click the arrow next to it to open your options.  Then click on general. Once that page opens you will see “Blog Title” and “Tag Line” at the top.  This is the first place you need to add your title and this will most likely appear in your header unless you have customized it.  Click save changes, and you are all set there but you are not finished yet.

Now you have to add your blog title in the All in One SEO Plug In.  To do this just go to setting again on the left in your dashboard and hit the arrow next to it. Look down a little and you will see “All In One SEO”.  Click on it.  On the next page you will see your option for this plug in. First make sure the plug in status is enable by checking the little circle next to enable.  Then you will put in your blog title and your blog description. Remember, who are you trying to attract? If you are blogging about Corvettes don’t just put “All about Cars”.  Put “All about Corvettes”. You get the idea.  Then include those keywords again in your description while telling your readers what your blog is about.  Add your keywords just below that in the next box and your are all set.  Don’t worry about all of the other options there.  They are preset to optimize your blog.  Don’t forget to click “update options on the bottom” and you are done. There is also a spot to make a donation at the top of the page which you can do if you like this plug in.  I would suggest it since this is what enables the developer to keep it updated.

In another post I will be showing you how to add a title to a post with All In One SEO plug in.


Here is a short video tutorial on how to add a page to your wordpress blog.


Here is a quick video tutorial on how to add a post in wordpress.


Here is a quick tutorial on how to log in to your wordpress blog (dashboard).