Why Create an Email Autoresponder for Your Blog

aweber email marketingFor most people, blogging is an expedient way of communicating to the world about anything and everything under the sun. Most bloggers start out as passionate individuals needing and wanting to share themselves and letting the rest of humanity know about how they feel and think. They can share about their personal experiences, political opinions, first love, photography, exciting travels, love advice, food experiments and practically anything that their hands are itching to write.

For natural-born writers who have a constant barrage of words in their minds, being able to express that creativity is pure bliss. There comes a time though when they start to think that since they are already spending much of their time and energy blogging, could there be a way to actually earn from it? In this manner, they can do what they want freely and take care of the rest of their lives at the same time. Besides, a good number of people are starting to get hooked on their blogs already and this is a good market to turn into money.

Steps to Email Marketing

One of the proven ways to generate income through your blog is via email marketing. Email marketing is most effective in comparison to other channels such as search engine marketing or social media. Potential customers are the ones who opt in to get emails from you so it is highly personal and implies that they do want to receive these emails from you.

So the first step would be to determine what you can sell or what service you can offer. You can deal ebooks, coaching services, courses, affiliate service, membership programs, live workshops, and the like. The second step would be to build a list of subscribers whom you can converse with through a series of emails – gradually coaxing them and inviting them until they are ready to purchase from you. Your blog readers are your best potential buyers as well since they have already expressed interest in the kind of content you provide.

The third and most important step to monetizing your blog is to create an email autoresponder course.

Why an Email Autoresponder?

You have already determined what to sell. You have built your list of potential subscribers. Now, you are ready to set up autoresponder emails. Autoresponders are emails that are sent to your subscribers automatically after they have opted to subscribe. Emails are sent as a series automatically so you do not have to worry about anything else and just focus on other stuff you need done.

Autoresponders are the real workhorses for your blog. It is the best way to build a relationship with your readers. Trust is likewise ramped up as you lay down your expertise. It is a win-win situation that is beneficial for the long run. So why do you need an autoresponder for your blog?

1. Maximize the content from your blog

Most bloggers think that it is difficult to find something of good value to trade for potential subscribers’ email addresses. They feel that it would take a lot of time or technical know-how to compose a comprehensive report or ebook. They have this notion that they have to create something brand-new that readers have never encountered before to convince them.

Fortunately, with an email autoresponder, this does not have to be done. Instead, an autoresponder maximizes the content that you have already written that’s in your blog and uses it for the email course. Truth to be told, most of your readers have not really gone through all the entries in your blog. If they have read most of them, it’s probably not in the order you intended. Your autoresponder will do the honors for you and group topics that are related together. It will be packaged in an orderly fashion and delivered to your readers in a convenient manner. No need for you to create new content.

2. Trade their email with your email course

It only makes perfect sense when you ask your readers for their email as they sign-up for the autoresponder course. How else can they read about the good stuff that you will share if they don’t give their email addresses to you. Of course you can just probably send them a link to your ebook or report but if they want to receive more from you, then it has to be a give and take relationship. You take their emails so you can give them more and vice versa.

Thinking about it, they benefit more when they give you their email because the autoresponder course they get to read will be full of productive information. Having the email course is really their prize just by simply giving their email address. It is a generous act on your end.

3. Readers expect a series of emails from you

A number of readers give their email information for the sole purpose of getting an ebook, infographic, or a report from you. Some of them fail to realize that they will be added to a regular mail list because it’s either it wasn’t made clear from the start or they don’t know how it works. All they know is, they signed up for the ebook and that’s the only thing they are interested in getting. Sadly, these are the kind of readers who end up not wanting to receive a series of emails from you and eventually, opt to unsubscribe. They can even report you as spam.

This is another good reason for you to have an autoresponder for your blog because none of these is going to frequently happen. Since your potential customers are aware that they asked you to send content to them, they will expect all those emails and will be more receptive. They will get used to and even enjoy seeing that you have a new message for them on their inbox. They understand what they have gotten into and definitely don’t mind receiving more from you via your email autoresponder. You will rarely have readers and potential customers who unsubscribe.

4. Develop a relationship with potential customers

As you interact through the emails, readers will get to know you better and have you in their mind. Yes, an ebook is a good resource but most often than not, it is set aside or forgotten because it takes time to digest them all. Most downloadable ebooks are around 40 pages in length and that is a lot to read.

On the contrary, an email autoresponder is not the entire deal. They are comprehensive information given in small amounts like a steady drip so potential buyers don’t get overwhelmed or drowned. Email courses are such short and easy reads that your readers’ interest is maintained. The best thing is that, it arrives through their inbox and this is a venue that they constantly check so you are able to reach them at the perfect time.

While an ebook is a one-time thing that they can download then easily forgotten, an email autoresponder course is a habit-forming solution where readers are kept reminded of your existence. So unless you want to be quickly forgotten, you should get an autoresponder for your blog.

5. Plug, plug, plug

If you are serious about monetizing your blog, an email autoresponder course is your best bet. It is a welcome venue to promote your latest projects, online learning course, webinar, etc. After you have some motion going and you have your readers’ trust, you can start promoting until you get to lead them to your landing page. Do not hesitate at this point because you now have your subscribers full attention after you have so generously shared of yourself through the email series. They would welcome any suggestion from you and it can include the products or services you are marketing. And yes, its monetary history from there.

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