Website TrafficWhether you are blogging for fun or blogging for money one thing that all blogs can always use is more visitors.  Your ultimate goal is to gain readers, that is why you are writing.  In this post I want to list some ways that will increase your blog traffic and hopefully bring you more loyal readers.

1. Write Valuable Interesting Content

The only way you are going to keep your reader engaged is to bring them content they can use.  Whether you are making them laugh, teaching them how to do something or giving them advice, one thing is certain, the reader need to find value in your content.

2. Keep Your Blog in a Specific Niche

When bloggers first get started they are in such a hurry to start writing that they tend to write about everything.  Big mistake.  If your visitor lands on your site to learn how to lose weight and in the next post you start talking about the NCAA Final Four brackets then there is a good chance you are going to lose them.  If you are talking basketball then keep it basketball, if your are an interesting person and you are just blogging about your life then just keep it about your life experiences, blogging about weight loss, well I think you get the picture.  Also the search engines will give you more love when your blog is niche specific.

3. Add a Link to Your Blog in Your Email Signature

This might sound simple enough but think about how many emails you send out every day.  If you were to just add a link back to your blog in your signature at the bottom of your email people will click. I guarantee it.  Sometimes they are just being nosey and other times you will have a good caption to generate some interest.  Either way a link in your signature will result in more traffic to your blog.

4. Submit to Blog Directories

Submitting to blog directories can do 2 things for you.  It will give you a back link which will allow the search engines to find you more easily and if the directory is something like Blog Catalog you will also get some traffic from the community as well

5. Post Often

The search engines like it and your readers will like it more.  Keep giving your readers new content.

6. Write Some Articles

Write some articles in your blog niche and submit them to an article directory. In the resource box you will provide a link back to your site which will search 2 purposes.  It will provide a back link back to your blog and if the reader enjoyed your article they will click on to your blog.

7. Use WordPress Plug Ins

If you are using WordPress you will want to take advantage of the plug ins that will make your life easier.  2 must haves are All in One SEO and Google Sitemap Generator. (yes, if we set up your blog, you have both of these plug ins)

8. Post in Forums

If you have found a forum related to your niche it will help you to contribute there.  You will be able to add a link in your forum signature and it will be seen after every post you make.  If you make some posts that people like they will click on your link to venture back to your blog.

9. Comment on Other Blogs

Don’t go crazy here but commenting on other similar blogs and leaving your URL will bring you some traffic as well.  You should try and make your comment unique so it will stand out and hopefully bring a visitor to your site.

10. Create a Great Title for Your Blog Post

Having a great title in itself will make visitors want to click on it.  Make it interesting and on topic.

11. Use Social Media

facebook, youtube, myspace etc.  I’m sure you get the picture here.  Once again, don’t go crazy posting link at every chance you get but you can really use these outlets to your advantage to get more traffic.


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